When Covid-19 hit, our frontline workers started working around the clock, caring for those in need. But who is taking care of them? With long 12-hour shifts, prohibitive grocery store line-ups, little time to prep food, let alone healthy meals, and with many workers living isolated in hotels to keep their families safe, eating well on the go is a challenge.

Enter Irene Divaris, founder of Meal in a Jar. Her husband is a frontline worker at Grand River Hospital in Waterloo, and she knows firsthand the obstacles to – as well as the absolute necessity of – healthy, clean eating in a crisis situation. 

With the aid of donors, Meal in a Jar has been delivering fresh, wholesome, local and delicious meals to nurses, doctors and staff at hospitals and long-term care facilities. Cooked, ready to eat, and artfully presented, they’ve been shaking up the way communities can support and care for each other.

Because even our heroes can’t do it all alone. And initiatives like Meal in a Jar remind us that not only are we all in this together, but it’s by coming together that we will overcome.


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